Center Director

Prof. Ahmed H. Madian

Ahmed Madian (SM'12) is currently a Professor at the department of Electronics and Computer Engineering, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Nile University, Egypt. He is the former director of the Master's program from Sept. 2015 – Sept. 2020. He has been the director of the Nanoelectronics Integrated System Design Research Center (NISC) since 2016 and the director of the Electronics and Computer Engineering program since 2020 till present. He has published more than 175 papers in international conferences and journals - his H-index is currently 25.

He served on the many technical and organizing committees of many international conferences. He received many research grants as Principle Investigator (PI), CO-PI, or Consultant from different national/international organizations. He won the best researcher award (Dr. Hazem Ezzat award 2017) for his outstanding research profile and Elshorok academy award for Innovation and technology development from ASRT. He is a member of the national radio of science committee (NRSC) from 2018 till present and a member of the Council of Communications and Information Technology, Egyptian Academy for Science, research and technology since 2022.

Dr. Madian is actively serving as a reviewer in several journals and conference publications including IEEE conferences and journals. He served as a guest associate editor for many international journals. He is the founder of IEEE Circuits and systems (CASS) Egypt technical chapter and co-founder of the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society (RAS) Egypt technical chapter. He is currently the IEEE Egypt Section Secretary and a member of Ex-COM.