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Discrete fractional-order Caputo method to overcome trapping in local optima: Manta Ray Foraging Optimizer as a case study

Enhancing the exploration and exploitation phases of the metaheuristic (MH) optimization algorithms is the key to avoiding local optima. The Manta ray foraging optimizer is a recently proposed MH optimizer. The MRFO showed a good performance in the simple optimization problems. However, it is trapped into the local optimum in the more elaborated ones due to the original algorithm's low capability

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Plant stem tissue modeling and parameter identification using metaheuristic optimization algorithms

Bio-impedance non-invasive measurement techniques usage is rapidly increasing in the agriculture industry. These measured impedance variations reflect tacit biochemical and biophysical changes of living and non-living tissues. Bio-impedance circuit modeling is an effective solution used in biology and medicine to fit the measured impedance. This paper proposes two new fractional-order bio
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Estimating phase error using a Hilbert transform-based time-domain technique

Measuring phase noise in oscillators is crucial in communication systems, vibration analysis, and frequency synthesizers. Traditionally, this measurement is done in frequency domain by estimating the ratio of the power density at an offset frequency from the carrier to the power of the carrier signal. This approach is hardware intensive and dependent on the the offset frequency, for which there
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Second-order cascode-based filters

In this paper, we report on the design of a class of analog filters based on the cascode circuit structure surrounded by four impedances. The proposed topology is systematically investigated using two-port network techniques and symbolic math CAD tools. A total of 106 second-order filter circuits can be obtained from this class including 9 low-pass filters, 6 high-pass filters, 73 bandpass filters

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Versatile Field-Programmable Analog Array Realizations of Power-Law Filters

A structure suitable for implementing power-law low-pass and high-pass filter transfer functions is presented in this work. Through the utilization of a field-programmable analog array device, full programmability of the characteristics of the intermediate stages, as is required for realizing the rational integer-order transfer function that approximates the corresponding power-law function, was

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Parallel and independent true random bitstreams from optical emission spectra of atmospheric microplasma arc discharge

In this study, we propose the possibility of generating several parallel and independent random bitstreams from the time-varying optical emission spectra of an atmospheric pressure air microplasma system. This is achieved by splitting the plasma arc emission into discrete wavelengths using an optical spectrometer and then monitoring the fluctuating intensities of each wavelength as an independent

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Modeling of Soft Pneumatic Actuators with Different Orientation Angles Using Echo State Networks for Irregular Time Series Data

Modeling of soft robotics systems proves to be an extremely difficult task, due to the large deformation of the soft materials used to make such robots. Reliable and accurate models are necessary for the control task of these soft robots. In this paper, a data-driven approach using machine learning is presented to model the kinematics of Soft Pneumatic Actuators (SPAs). An Echo State Network (ESN)

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On numerical approximations of fractional-order spiking neuron models

Fractional-order spiking neuron models can enrich model flexibility and dynamics due to the extra degrees of freedom. This paper aims to study the effects of applying four different numerical methods to two fractional-order spiking neuron models: the Fractional-order Leaky integrate-and-fire (FO-LIF) model and the Fractional-order Hodgkin–Huxley (FO-HH) model. Furthermore, some adjustments to

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Highlighting a Common Confusion in the Computation of Capacitance of Electrochemical Energy Storage Devices

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Novel Double-Dispersion Models Based on Power-Law Filters

Novel double-dispersion models based on power-law filters are introduced in this work. These models are based on standard first-order and/or second-order low-pass filter transfer functions (denoted as mother functions) and do not require the employment of the fractional-order Laplacian operator. An attractive benefit, from the flexibility point of view, is that the number of parameters, which must

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