Plasmonic Sensors for Biomedical and Infra-Red Detection Application

Research Project


The project aims at proposing a new Infra-Red sensor design by employing a plasmonic effect. Plasmonic devices have great potential for biomedical applications due to the sensitivity of the localized surface plasmon resonance to the surrounding medium. Therefore, proposed metasurface sensors are tuned for Biomedical applications as medical diagnostic tools.

  • Enhancing photovoltaic using plasmonic nanostructure.
  • Designing high sensitivity Infra-Red sensors for biomedical applications: Infra-red spectrum exhibits high interaction with the human body since the black body radiates mostly in the Infra-Red region at room temperature. The diagnosing process is based on the detection of refractive index shifting of samples. An Infected sample has a different refractive index as a result of photonic interaction with molecules. A surface plasmon resonance model is designed to resonate at a specific frequency. Changing the refractive index of the surface shifts its resonance location. Therefore, resonance frequency location can be used to differentiate infected and uninfected samples.